Flexible Office Spaces in Bangalore: Everything You Need to Know

Flexi work modules being the post-pandemic new normal, corporates are increasingly looking at modular options that address dynamic needs with customised solutions. Flexible Office Spaces in Bangalore, the emerging optimized solution for office spaces – (with large aggregators such as WeWork, Awfis, CoWorks, among others) allow for types of offices one can rent by the hour or by the month, from an entire room to just an individual desk. Bengaluru has seen freelancers to start-up businesses, companies and employees alike – increasingly adapting to shared workspaces.


Here’s a list to explain what terminology to use when looking for workspaces for rent in Bangalore:


i) Hot Desk

Essentially, no particular desk is assigned to one person. Each day one will work at a different desk – All one needs to do is find a space on one’s app and show up.


ii) Dedicated Workstations

Bangalore’s shared workspaces have workstations tailored to specific people. Each day, you will have the same desk, pretty much standard protocol, i.e., a designated seat at a traditional office space.


iii) Shared Office Space/ Co-Working Space

Flexible Office Spaces in Bangalore are essentially the same asset with a different terminology; Our shared workspace in Bangalore can be customized to meet the needs of individual companies; however, some basic features are the same across all spaces. Your office essentials such as wi-fi, furniture, cleaning staff, and appliances will be included while some other co-working spaces may also include reception staff, where the team is trained to assist you with any questions you may have, with several of them trained to take your calls and messages.


iv) Meeting Rooms

Having a private meeting room where you can meet with clients or conduct team meetings without disturbing others is an option you can consider.


v) Event Spaces 

You won’t have to pay over the odds to host an event at a Flexible Office Spaces in Bangalore, as they also offer dedicated event spaces.


vi) Breakout Rooms and Spaces

When you need a break from work, these give you a chance to relax in comfortable zones.


vii) Quiet Areas 

Many shared offices in Bangalore offer quiet workspaces that you can rent if you need to focus. You won’t be disturbed by other people in these offices, a handy element, especially in the middle of a review/critical project.


Flexible office spaces

options for everyone. A remarkable aspect of flexible office space is that anyone can use it. However, freelancers, as well as start-ups, traditionally use workspaces to rent in Bangalore; in more recent years, established businesses have also been using them to help build and grow their companies.

How do they work?


  • Remote and Home Workers  

Since most people worked from home during the pandemic, remote collaboration demonstrates that a team doesn’t necessarily have to work together in a single space to accomplish a task. Even though many people continue to work from home because it’s easier and more flexible, sometimes the buzz of an office is just what an organization may need.


  • New Businesses 

Businesses that are just getting started can benefit from a shared workspace and, thus, distributed rentals – in Bangalore. New businesses may choose not to commit to long-term and expensive leases and benefit from fully equipped and furnished offices without worrying about maintenance.


  • Small Businesses

With a Flexible Office Spaces in Bangalore, you can stay focused on what matters most to you without having to worry about overhead costs and long-term lease contracts.

  • Meeting Rooms

It may be necessary for you to rent a larger or more elaborate meeting room to host clients and customers, even if you have a traditional office setup. It is simply a matter of hiring one of the many meeting rooms and enjoying the benefits without having to travel long distances.


  •  Freelancers

Working from home is excellently flexible, but there are times when you need to concentrate and work hard. All you must do is find a workspace to rent in Bangalore, hire a desk for the day, and enjoy the perks of an office, including networking and meeting potential new clients.


  • Flexible Office Space

 The benefits outshine the demerits. Shared workspace set up in Bangalore may seem a bit complicated for those unfamiliar with it.

Benefits to drive this asset class.


a) Cost-effective 

Besides saving money, you won’t have to deal with long and expensive leases and building maintenance, as you can pay for it by the hour or per month.

b) Perks 

Besides wi-fi, ergonomic furniture, printers, and scanners, meeting rooms are also included at the same price.

c) Flexible 

Our flexible workspace in Bangalore offers a variety of payment options, in addition to different opening hours (which makes it easier to work when it is convenient for you.)

d) Increase in productivity –

Sharing workspaces in Bangalore has been shown to increase employees’ productivity and focus by allowing them to work remotely but still in a professional setting. With a co-working space, your company could thrive while being exposed to new people and trades. You no longer need to follow traditional office rules – you can create your own space that suits you and your employees. With a shared workspace in Bangalore, you get much more than just a desk by the hour. Discover some of the fantastic places we have to offer and step into the future of work now.


Are the Home Office and Zoom a perfect match?

Businesses have found Zoom to be a great resource, offering a secure connection where virtual business can occur. In 2020, it provided Indians (and global corporations) with a sense of normality and mild socialization. Can a home office, however, be considered a sustainable option? Many people may answer in the affirmative; however, the workspace’s socialization aspect, as well as the milieu of an aggregated team under one roof, is not worth dismissing.


How does hybrid co-working work? Is it possible to have both?

Several companies have rethought the 9-5 office model that has existed for more than a century. So far, in 2021, we have seen an unprecedented demand for premium working spaces as we move out of uncertainty. Companies are rethinking the way they work, and while they want to keep a home base, they have difficulty retaining the benefits of a large office building when other options are available. Many companies employ hybrid models, rotating employees at both office and home, thereby reducing costs and keeping employee morale alive.


As part of a thriving co-working culture, these companies are also experiencing a reduced need for developed company culture. Many co-working office spaces have monthly events where members can have a drink, chat, and relax after a long week. They can focus on what matters while taking care of, in terms of cost, venue, and organizing.


How About Meeting Rooms?

When working in a traditional office setup, meeting spaces are billed into the overall charges, irrespective of usage. In a co-working model, you can have meeting rooms available whenever you want, or you can have a monthly credit toward meeting rooms as part of your membership contract. Once that is done, you simply pay as you go. Corporates are gaining the benefits of co-working in other ways, such as earning a smaller office without meeting rooms while utilizing the nearest co-working space whenever they need one.


An Office That Grows as You Grow.’

Adding another desk or private office has never been easier as the corporate teams grow, as one or two more people join, and as the corporate teams grow. Everyone has a space they can work in, and unnecessary costs aren’t incurred for offices they might or might not use. When you decide to work from home, just downsize the next month. The co-working industry, which currently accounts for 6% of total office space in Bangalore, is expected to catch up with major cities in India, which sit at 30% at the moment. For more details, contact us at +91- +919880854061 / +918951567555

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