The design of the Akshay Tech Park was based on sustainability and self-sufficient use of natural resources right from the outset. Rain water is collected from the roofs and stored in cisterns for irrigation and industrial use. We have installed water recycling plants that help in meeting daily demand for gardening, toilets flushing etc, hence keeping lowest bills. Then there is rooftop photovoltaic plant, installed with state-of-the-art technology and output, which generates 3.2 million kWh of solar energy annually. In addition to this, the power supplied to Akshay Tech Park is generated using wind energy, hence making electricity bills cheaper than the government run BESCOM.

The project has been a technical and technological challenge in which we have focused on three key aspects: responding to the industrial needs, respecting energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials, and reflecting the company’s vision of being India’s most valued business environments.


The 190 kW Photovoltaic system helps meet the electricity needs of multiple IT offices and data centers that share the building’s space, curbing 240 tons of carbon emissions annually. It has 562 solar panels installed on the rooftop generating 320,000 kWh annually.

The solar power generated at Akshay Tech Park, helps in bringing down costs. Hence helping companies maximize on their profits.


Water is life & our responsibility to conserve for a better future. At Akshay Tech Park, we have installed water treatment plants that utilizes very basic physical, biological and chemical principles to remove contaminants from water. The water treatment goes through 4 processes – Preliminary, Primary, Secondary & Tertiary.

The final treated water is used for flushing in toilets, gardening, etc. The residue from the treatment process is called biosolids, which is used as compost for gardening at the premises. The recycling plants further help in reduction in water bills that benefits the tenants.


Electricity used in Akshay Tech Park is directly generated by Jayalakshmi Power. The energy generated is cheaper & economical as compared to the government operated BESCOM. We have installed highest performing 3MW power generating machines that help in generating maximum energy. We use advanced predictive software that helps in understanding power consumption as well as helps in reducing the burden of hefty electricity bills. We have installed 3-MW machine in its class II and III versions, which are ideal for sites with the medium-to-low winds that prevail in India.

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