• Tejas
    With the rising entrepreneurial spirit and spurt in the startup culture across the country, the co-working sector has been experiencing massive growth with demand for professional and affordable spaces. As existing and upcoming businesses drench in the digital transformation wave, the dynamics of the workspaces have changed leading to an emergence
  • Tejas
    The demand for office space has surged in recent times, with a number of large companies choosing the physical presence of associates over purely work-from-home. The benefits of maintaining suitable and efficient office space for the growth of a company are palpable and apparent. However, new workplaces necessitate well-considered decisions.
  • Tejas
    When looking for office space, one of the first questions that comes to our mind is, “Should I opt for a completely furnished office space, or should I set it myself?” In the backdrop of increasing competition, deciding whether to opt for an empty office space or to move ahead
  • Tejas
    Flexi work modules being the post-pandemic new normal, corporates are increasingly looking at modular options that address dynamic needs with customised solutions. Flexible workspaces, the emerging optimized solution for office spaces – (with large aggregators such as WeWork, Awfis, CoWorks, among others) allow for types of offices one can rent
  • Tejas
    The office space has changed dramatically over the past 30 years due to digital innovation. As a result of digital transformation, companies could work more remotely, commute less, and experience lower costs. There are more companies with a remote workforce in 2019 than ever before.  Even though many practices, products,

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