Looking for Fully Furnished Office Space for Rent in Bangalore?

  • If yes, then why don’t you look at Akshay Tech Park a Furnished Office Space for Rent in Bangalore, which is well-planned for large IT companies, ITES, and corporations taking into consideration their needs from a cohesive workspace in Bengaluru. We are centrally located at Whitefield, close to ITPL. Our offices are modern, architecturally planned, and spacious spaces which are available as semi-furnished and fully furnished spaces to occupy immediately.
  • This diverse and flexible workspace is the largest co-working & managed office space in Whitefield, Bangalore. The Jayalakshmi group puts quality at the forefront of the developing business world by eliminating capital outlay, time delays, and overheads to all its occupants, freeing them from all the operational worries to focus on their business demand and growth.
  • Akshay tech park has an existing clientele of large businesses, independent professionals, remote team workspaces, and other corporates with superior infrastructure, excellent transport connectivity. flexible payment options, an in-house cafeteria, and enterprise-quality internet, we are sure there is nothing more you could ask for in an office space for rent in Bangalore.
    It is strategically located in Whitefield, Bangalore. This location is easily accessible to public transport including Metro & Bus Line. It is also present amid all the Business Centres in Whitefield. Shopping Malls, State-of-the-art
  • Hospitals, Luxury Hotels are some of which the tech park is close to. Situated on a complex that has a tastefully decorated reception area,
    offices, a business lounge, and a cafe. Companies nearby and within the building are members of the IT, electronics, banking, internet technology, and consulting services industries.
  • The efficiency of the company depends to a considerable extent on the correct choice of office space. The office reflects the status of the company. It should be in a convenient place for clients and partners, and its size and configuration should correspond to the requests and needs of the organization.
  • “As Bangalore is the IT hub of India, it is a city bustling with people and businesses from all over the country and hence arriving at the best office space for your company could be challenging. However, we have made it easy for you to find the best office spaces here at Akshay tech park where you can either rent or lease them as per your convenience.”
  • Get a Fully Furnished Office Space for Rent in Bangalore!
  • Bangalore is a hub for techies who are looking for jobs or are trying to start their businesses with entrepreneurial zeal. Different IT-related businesses have been flourishing in this wonderful city. This is the reason more people gravitate towards Bangalore in dreams of succeeding in Technology and Business. You need to pick the most convenient rented/leased office spaces in Bangalore for your company/business to flourish and that is exactly what Akshay Tech Park provides you with. They have warm shells, semi, or fully
    furnished spaces available as per your requirements.

Does your start-up or Business need an Office?

  • As we all are aware, Bangalore is the IT capital/tech hub of India where industries such as software, banking, automobile, and R&D flourish. Start-ups in the city are not a new concept to any locality. Bangalore has the highest number of start-ups and is only rising with time.
  • Akshay tech park provides the best solutions for such start-ups as well, with co-working and remote work desk options at the most flexible pricing plans that suit all.

Consider the Location!

  • Whenever you look for office spaces, location is everything. Certain places have the aesthetic and ambiance to be great offices. Location can either make your business successful or ruin it. If your office is in an accessible and fantastic location, the chances of your business thriving are higher. Whenever you look/search for an office space for rent in Bangalore, do consider Akshay
  • Tech Park which has the best-in-class amenities for any kind of office space that you may require.
  • Some other factors that you need to consider while choosing an office space in Bangalore are maintenance costs, utility bills, repair costs, and parking spaces, but not to worry, we have got you covered with all of the above with Akshay Tech Park in Whitefield, Bangalore.
  • They provide you with the best-in-class office spaces at the most competitive pricing and parking space available for all.
  • Office space for rent in Akshay Tech Park, 4th Floor, Plot No. 72 & 73, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bengaluru is available. Details and prices are available by contacting us.

For more information, please contact:
Phone no: +91-8951567555
Email: Sales@jayalakshmi-group.com

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