Your company needs its own environment and an experience that people working could cherish forever. At Akshay Tech Park, we provide warm shells with basic services (such as ceilings, lighting, plumbing and HVAC, etc). We help you setup an exclusively private office branded & staffed by your company.

Your company needs a great environment & experience, but the board requires efficiency & productivity in work. We have always focused on engaging communities within Akshay Tech Park and have delivered a productive, world-class environment for our occupiers. We understand your needs, and our services help further their potential.

What really differentiates Akshay Tech Park is that the decisions we make are all designed to provide you with a strong community and foundation for growth. We optimize the space in a way that accommodates & leverages future trends. This vision helps us navigate our way towards delivering excellence.



Water Filtration Plant

RoofTop Solar Panels

Common Cafeteria

24/7 Building access

Independent Meters for water Electricity ETC

Adequate Parking Space for Vehicles

Secured Enterprise Internet

100% Power Backup

Centralised Air Conditioning

Whether you need a desk, office suite, or entire HQ, we create